The Brand

Jewelry should Empower the wearer, Emphasize their mood, and Elevate their style while celebrating their individuality.

Ana Rueda

Anavir is sculptural adornment for body and home. Inspired by the elegance of movement in nature, and handcrafted to be worn by All with interchangeable pieces.

 Ana’s design language explores form, scale, and movement, creating balance in every sculpture to give the wearer a changing perspective at very angle in her pieces. 

Clean modern lines are interwoven through the collections Influenced by her architectural training. Anavir aims to elevate the wearer’s experience of wearing a piece of art while adding their version of “I am” and giving it their final stroke of essence.

 Anavir is unique, inspired, and effortlessly sleek, never trendy and always unapologetically celebrating your individuality. Wear art Darling!


a peek inside my sketchbook

Nature is a big inspiration for Ana, often translated into an abstract translation of the object. Forms, structure, and texture and studied at a macro and micro level. Read more about her inspiration and process.

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