The Brand

Jewelry should Empower You, Emphasize Your mood, and Elevate Your style while celebrating Your individuality.

Ana Rueda

 Anavir is sculptural adornment for the body and home. Inspired by the elegance of movement in nature, and handcrafted to be worn by All. The interchangeable pieces in the collection add versatility to your wardrobe allowing you to tell your own story.

My design language explores form, scale, and movement creating balance and dimension in every mini sculpture to give the wearer an ever changing perspective at every angle in my pieces.

Abstract clean modern lines are interwoven through the collections Influenced by my architectural training, sculpture, and modern art. Anavir pieces are designed to Empower, Emphasize & Elevate your individuality. I aim to elevate the wearer’s experience of wearing a piece of art while adding their version of “I am”, this is where form meets soul.

About the Artist

My name is Ana and I’m the founder of Anavir. I’m an architect turned jewelry designer and design has always been my passion. I was born in the Dominican Republic and arrived in the states when I was a young child. I’m a mama to a wonderful toddler, and sometimes she sits with me in the studio. I could not find pieces of jewelry that helped me express my creativity and also had a point of view. Versatility and telling my story on my own terms is why Anavir was born. ANAVIR is a term that honors my late father, who shortened my name Ana Virginia as a term of endearment.

Giving you permission to unapologetically celebrate your individuality, I tell stories through silhouettes, textures, and play of positive and negative space. I want you to connect with the jewelry and instill your essence in it! Every piece is carefully crafted to ensure delight on your skin. Anavir is not just a brand, it's a movement that celebrates diversity and creativity.

The future of Anavir is bright! I'm launching a line that celebrates and elevates the natural resources of the Dominican Republic. By incorporating such stones as larimar, Ambar and queen conch, My dream is to help local women artisans in the Dominican Republic to become empowered and self-supporting as they learn a new skill and manufacture my jewelry.

Under development is a home accessory line that features tabletop items and small furniture that will elevate your home décor game. So, join the Anavir movement and celebrate your individuality with every piece you wear or add to your home.

a peek inside my sketchbook

Nature is a big inspiration for Ana, often translated into an abstract translation of the object. Forms, structure, and texture and studied at a macro and micro level. Read more about her inspiration and process.

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