The Process

Imagine, sketch, play.

wax braceletMy journey into the world of jewelry design commenced following a successful 17-year career as an architect. Drawing upon my architectural background, I bring a meticulous eye for detail to my designs, exploring the interplay of structures in both nature and architecture. Whether working on a macro or micro scale, I am deeply influenced by the concepts of space, volume, and texture.

Around nine years ago, my passion for jewelry design was ignited when I enrolled in a private class held in the illustrious Diamond District of New York City. It was during this transformative experience that I discovered a new and captivating creative outlet.

To bring my ideas to life, I employ a combination of traditional and modern techniques. Starting with paper and clay maquettes, I conceptualize and refine my designs, focusing on achieving the perfect form and aesthetic. I then utilize the "lost wax" casting technique and leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of 3D printing technology. These methods enable me to offer a personalized experience for each client, allowing for customization and tailored craftsmanship.

In the crafting process, I exclusively work with sterling silver, as well as 14 and 18 Karat gold. These premium materials ensure the quality and longevity of each piece, while also bestowing a touch of luxury and sophistication.

By blending my architectural sensibilities with the artistry of jewelry design, I strive to create distinctive and captivating pieces that resonate with the wearer. Each jewelry creation tells a unique story, reflecting the harmonious fusion of architectural inspiration and the delicate elegance of precious metals.

Through my jewelry designs, I aim to evoke a sense of wonder and individuality, enabling my clients to adorn themselves with wearable art that is both meaningful and visually stunning.